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Giving your car the ultimate power boost

Everyone has a dream of driving a car that will be responsive and give you the speed and power that you want. However, not all of us can afford the latest Lambo or Ferrari, and we will often have a standard car which we purchased. However, you are in luck, if you still want to give your vehicle some extra power, there are a few things that you can do. Continue reading to learn what they are.

Aftermarket upgrades

As mentioned earlier, most of us will have a standard car which came off thethmgnfmd assembly line with standard features. These vehicles, have been built for general every day use and therefore, fuel economy, comfort and safety have been taken into account. If you do want more power for such a model, you will have to take a look at some upgrades that you can buy and replace the similar part in your car. Here are some of them.

Air filters

The air filter in any automobile is crucial for the proper performance of the engine. However, the ones that come standard aren’t built with power in mind, and they are not really the highest quality. You will find some models that you can buy online or in motor spare part shops that will allow more air to flow into the engine thus making in easier for the fuel to burn. You will also find hot air filters that will heat the air to help in better combustion during colder weather.


One popular upgrade for many Chevvy owners is the Chevy Silverado throttle body upgrade. When you have this done, you will actually get more power from the engine owning to the fact that more fuel will be released into the chamber. It can be done on almost any car model including Chevrolet, Mustang, Toyota, Mitsubishi and many others.


Using the performance lubricants can give your car more speed. High-quality engine and gear oils reduce friction of the moving parts and will allow better transfer of energy to the wheels which in turn will give you more speed.


bgmfvncmA standard car comes with many accessories and features. Some of them add tremendously to the weight, and this means the engine has to put more effort into pulling the weight and not the speed. You can reduce this burden on the engine by removing unnecessary parts in the car for times you want more performance. Ask a good auto mechanic for advice on this matter.